Matric Result 2023 Check Online by Name, Roll Number , Through SMS

All Punjab Boards are going to announce the Matric Result 2023 on 31st July Monday at 10:00 AM. Most of the students are confused about the Matric results. All the Punjab Board has decided to announce the 10th Class Result 2023 on same date and time. The result is going to announce on 31st July at 10:00 AM. We will make sure to update you will the upcoming news. Keep visiting 10th class result 2023 for Upcoming updates.

All the Students From Pujab can check the Matric Result just by entering the Roll Number Bellow.

Note: The Matric Result 2023 will be Announced on the 31st of July on Monday at 10:00 AM.

Check Your Matric Class Result 2023 Online

 the final examination of the 10th class was done before the current situation. According to resources their checking is under process and officials are deciding to announce the result date. As per resources, Matriculation Result is going to be announced on 31st July at 10:00 AM and the 9th class result will be announced on 9th September. The exact Matric Result 2023 date and time is Announced.

ResultMatric Result 2023
Exam Date1st April
Result Date31st July
Result Time10 AM
Total Students1150,000

Any information regarding the Matriculation Result of 2023 will be discussed here. So, Stay tuned for further information.

It’s clear that all Punjab boards are going to announce 10th class result on the same date. Punjab Matric exams are one of the most important exams for a student’s educational career. It is said that the result of this exam can either make you or break you. It is rather a misconception, but

We will announce the Matric Result 2023. You will get All board results on this single site. keep visiting to remain updated.

As you already know, the papers for the matriculation 2023 exams have been meticulously checked, and it’s time for the grand reveal. Mark your calendars for the big day, as the matric result 2023 will be officially announced on July 21st at 10:00 AM.

Latest News: Punjab 10th class ka result 2023 will be announced on 31st July at 10:00 AM.

Matric Result 2023

As the final examination of the 10th class was done before the current situation. The final examination was conducted before the current situation, and now the officials are in the process of checking the papers and deciding on the result date. According to reliable resources, the Matriculation Result for 2023 is set to be announced on 31st July at 10 AM. So mark that date and time on your calendars!

Any information regarding the Matriculation Result of 2023 will be discussed here. So, Stay tuned for further information.

Its clear that all Punjab boards are going to announce 10th class result on the same date. Punjab Matric exams are one of the most important exams for a student’s educational career. It is said that the result of this exam can either make you or break you. It is rather a misconception, but we would not go into those details.

We will announce the Matric Result of 2023. You will get All board results on this single site. keep visiting CheckResult.com.pk to remain updated.

10th Class 2023 Marking Scheme

Below is a summary of marks along with total marks and passing marks

Subject Total MarksPassing Marks
Chemistry60 + 3036
Physics60 + 3036
Biology60 + 30 / 50 + 5036/40
Pak Studies5020
Total Marks595238

Matric Result 2023 Date and Time

As you already know that the papers of matriculation 2023 are about to be checked and as per resource matric result 2023 is going to be announced on 31st July at 10 AM. All the information regarding the matric result 2023 will be provided in this article, whether you are from any board in Pakistan. So do give it a read and give us your honest feedback. We are covering the topic of matric results and intermediate results for the last 2 years and have had a very successful campaign on our website.

We have a dedicated team of writers who work to provide you with authentic news on 10th class result. All we want from you is your kind support in these hard times. You can do that by visiting our website and asking your friends to visit us too regarding the news of the result dates.

All Boards 10th Class Result 2023 Date and Time

Punjab31st July 202310 AM
KPK31st July 202310 AM
Federal25 July 202310 AM

How to Check 10th class result 2023 online?

The result will be announced on this site. Visit this site on Result Day (Matric Result Date will be announced on 31st July) to check your result. The result of the 10th class 2023 date is announced. A search bar will appear when the result announces. All methods for checking results are discussed below.

These are the following methods by which you can check your Result.

  • Check Matric Result By SMS
  • Check Matric Result by Gazette
  • Check Matric Result by Roll Number

All Punjab Boards are going to announce the Matriculation results on 31st July as the checking is under process. The best way to find your result is via this online website. Simply write your roll no in the given search bar and click on Get Result and you will get complete details

Check Matric Result 2023 By SMS

You can also check your result via SMS. If you want to check your result via SMS simply send an SMS with your Roll number. It may take time because, on the result day, there will be a huge load on servers so arriving at the result message may take time.

This is an older method that the students used to use a couple of years ago. It was slower too. But the drawback that it had against using the roll number was that it only provided you limited information about your result. Also, you only get results on one roll number at a time. This is because each SMS costs money. Hence, this method is only advised if you do not have access to the internet.

We do want to tell you that it can take a while before you get your matric result. My personal experience is that once; it took me 20 minutes to get a reply. So, you have to be patient. Also, it costs money so you have to keep in mind that as well. The rates may vary each year so we cannot tell how much it will cost you now. This method also may not work after some time, which makes its use very limited. Best use this method on the day of the result or one day later. After that, we cannot guarantee that it will work or not. Following are the steps for this method.

  • Open your text messaging app
  • Type your roll number
  • Send it to your relevant number
  • Wait for the reply

Check All Boards Matric Result 2023 by SMS

To Check Matric Result through Sms send your Roll Number to the following Board Number.

Note: Make sure to send your Roll Number on your Board Number. Otherwise, you will not receive a text back from the Board with your Result.

BoardSMS Number
DG Khan800295

Check Matric Result by Gazette

This is one of the older ways to check results. In the old days or even now, random shopkeepers go to board offices and buy CDs of gazettes of the relevant city. This way, they get the result of the entire students that took the exam from that board. It is a very large database. The CDs also cost them money, which may vary from time to time. In the 2013-15 era, it used to cost 100RS. Now it may cost more.

Anyways, it may cost you depending on how much the shopkeeper who bought the CD is going to charge you. Also, you will only get the total marks. If the student has a compact, only the subject in which the student has failed will appear. So this is how it is. But the funny thing is, you can also download the gazette from the website. After downloading it, all you have to do is follow the simple steps given below

  • Open the file
  • Type CTRL + F
  • Now, type your roll number or name
  • Press ENTER key
  • Your roll number gives quicker and more precise result
  • Your name might take some searching before you get your result, so we recommend you only use your roll number here.

Check 10th Result 2023 by Roll Number

You can easily check your matric result online via your roll number. This is such an easy method and it has made the process so smooth. There were older methods as well which cost you money and were much slower than this. And the information you could get with those methods was limited. But if you check your 10th class result 2023 by roll number online, not only you will get detailed marks for yourself, but also you can check result for any roll number, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Now do keep in mind that the BISE uses servers that cannot bear the immense traffic. So the website tends to crash or it gets slow. But you do not need to worry at all. It is all about patience.

So let’s get down to business and discuss the method step by step.

  • Google
  • Click on your city board
  • Now you just have to type your roll number in the search bar
  • Click enter
  • Your detailed marks will appear on the web page.

Check 10th Class Result 2023 by Name

Officials had announced the 10th class result date. The 10th Class result is going to announce on 31st July at 10:00 AM. On result day we will provide you new section to check your 10th class result by name.

SSC Part 2 Result 2023

Class 10 results are considered much more important in the matriculation process than class 9 results. Students in 9th grade have more tension because it is their first time taking an exam, which is different from the school’s monthly or promotion tests, which are held on a regular basis. Students in the ninth grade have never been to an examination hall before, while students in the SSC part 2 have already taken exams on this board.

BISE Matric Result 2023

10th class exam is conducted in each of the provinces in each division by its own educational body i.e., the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (Also known as BISE). Anyhow, the result of matric is necessary for the students to get further admission in their respective fields of interest. Without passing their matriculation examination, they cannot get admission into the intermediate level, which is their gateway towards universities or medical colleges.

Matric exams are divided into two parts. Part one is 9th grade, and part two is 10th grade. Students work hard day and night in preparation for these exams. But once they have taken the exams, another ordeal starts. And that ordeal is the wait for the results. It is the day of that result that shows the students how much sweet fruit they will get for the seeds of hard work they had planted a few months back. As soon as students take the BISE matric exams, they go into confusion about when the BISE matric result will come out.

Matric Toppers from all Boards

Students all over Pakistan work really had to convert their dreams into reality. And their hard work is also reflected in their results. Last year, there were some really talented students who brought fruitful results to their respective boards and made their families and friends proud. Following is a list of those students who secured first positions in the SSC examination across various boards in Pakistan.

NOTE: These results are specifically for the students who secured positions in the science group.

NameBoardRoll NumberMarks
Anoosha ZakariaLahore1422471090/1100
Maham FatimaMultan1071771090/1100
Waqas AhmadRawalpindi9049961089/1100
M. Ahsan Hanif ChSahiwal1285181091/1100
Muntaha BashirGujranwala5007881090/1100
Ansharah MudassarFaisalabad4044681090/1100
Maham AshrafDera Ghazi Khan2176751092/1100
Fouzia AbsarPeshawar1068731060/1100
Syed Muhammad AbbasFBISE1263931089/1100
Najeeb UllahQuetta6756541054/1100

We just want to clear that we are not undermining the hard work of students this year, but this is just a small comparison that how the situation all around the world has affected other areas of life. You can just see for yourself how very special students achieved this many marks and how a slight change in policy affected the marks so much.

So, the moral of this scenario is marks are not as important as you make them. They are what they are, just plain numbers and stats.

BISE Quetta Matric Result

The students of the Balochistan Board are very capable despite the lack of facilities in the region. They always work hard and turn their dreams into reality by doing so. The result for BISE Quetta was announced on the 5th of May 2023. The students scored a lot this time around as well.

The students scored good in both arts and science groups. Due to differences in policies and their exams conducted way before any other board, they experienced a normal trend in result. But this was still a very fascinating result. The topper positions are as follows.

Shabbir Ahmad10491st
M Farrukh10482nd
Abdul Ghani10482nd
Bais khan10433rd

Peshawar board Matric result

The students of Peshawar are as hardworking as any other student in Pakistan. Hence, they always get very good matric result in each year. This year as well, they got a very amazing result. The Peshawar 10th class result will announced on 31st July 2023. In the past years, the results of KPK students have always been improving. The students scored good in both science and arts groups. The position holders were announced a day before. Following is the list of the 10th class position holders of BISE Peshawar 2023

Fauzia Absar1st
Malik Wahab Ali2nd
Lubaba Younas2nd
Sidra Ubaid3rd


When the Matric Result 2023 will be declared 2023?

Matric Result will be Announced on 31st July on Monday Morning at 10:00 AM.

How can I check my Matric result?

There are three methods to check your result

1-Online Search Bar

2-Through SMS

3-Through Gazette

How do I check my Matric results via SMS?

You can check your result through SMS by sending your roll number to 800295

What is the date of matric result 2023?

The date of matric result 2023 is Announced by the officials and the result will be announced on 31st July.

Is Punjab Board 10th Result Declared 2023?

No, the 10th class result will be declared on 31st July on Monday.

How can I check my 10th class result by roll number?

To Check You Matric Result by Roll number. You just have to Enter the roll number in the search bar above and press the submit button to get your result.

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